Becka Jean

Rebecca Jean Marsh

Curator. Artist. Free-Thinker.

Becka Jean Marsh is a curator and artist working in Pittsburgh, PA. She received her BFA in 3D Media from Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA, 2018. She received her MA in Curatorial Practice from the School of Visual Arts, NY, 2020. Becka has curated exhibitions in Pittsburgh, New York City, and Chautauqua, NY. She has also exhibited as an artist in Pittsburgh and Chautauqua, NY. Currently, she serves as Exhibitions Coordinator for Flyspace Productions. In the summer of 2022, she will be working as the Curatorial Fellow for the Chautauqua School of Visual Arts.

Toeing the line of what is and isn't sacred is a common theme in her work. Becka's artwork and curatorial practice are concerned with the intersection of intellectualism and social justice.

- Becka Jean Marsh